Overview of how PropellerSolver gets the best prices

The most advanced network of swap solvers – across EVM and non-EVM chains.

Optimized for best prices

The PropellerSolver is optimized for one goal: To settle your trade – at the best price possible.

In particular, PropellerSolver helps you:

  • Access all liquidity: PropellerSolver integrates with market makers, protocol native paths, matching intent liquidity, and new DEXs to access the most complete view of on-chain and off-chain liquidity.

  • Find the best routes: PropellerSolver uses a custom routing algorithm, scalable indexing, smart pool caching, and gas-optimized contracts to find the best route.

  • Protect against MEV: PropellerSolver submits txs privately, keeps trade intents private, and stays up to date with our latest MEV research.

  • Execute fast & cheap: PropellerSolver instantly submits trades, optimizes prices with trades from the mempool, predicts volatility, and bundles to improve trade execution and settlement prices on-chain.

How PropellerSolver accesses more liquidity

  • Market Maker Integrations: With on-chain pools alone, you won't get the best price. PropellerSolver directly integrates with leading market makers to include off-chain liquidity, together with on-chain, in trade routes.

  • Protocol Native Paths: Protocols like Maker, Angle, or Lido offer native paths to "Swap" tokens – and these paths often offer better prices than DEX pools. PropellerSolver uses these additional on-chain "pools" to optimize routes.

  • Matching Intent Liquidity (CoWs): PropellerSolver finds matches between your trade and other open trade intents (from PropellerSwap, UniswapX, CowSwap, 1inch Fusion and other Intent Networks). Directly matched trades usually outperform any other trade option by a considerable margin (0.1 - > 1%).

  • DEX Integration SDK: Complex integration processes limit how many DEX aggregators can support. The Propeller DEX integration SDK streamlines DEX integrations, and lets us add new DEXs earlier than others.

How PropellerSolver finds better routes

  • In-House Routing Algorithm: Off-the-shelf solvers or DEX aggregators don't route optimally on chains with many pools like ETH L1. PropellerSolver implements a custom in-house routing algorithm, built from first principles specifically to route over large and diverse AMM pools, intents, and market maker liquidity.

  • Scalable Indexing: PropellerSolver runs a custom Rust indexer and database (called "Tycho") to index new blocks, automatically handle reorgs and monitor hundreds of thousands of tokens and liquidity pools.

  • Gas-Optimised Contracts: PropellerSolver uses a highly gas-optimized router contract to execute trades more cheaply than DEX native routers.

How PropellerSolver protects trades against MEV

  • Private Submission: PropellerSolver submits all trades from the Intent API privately to trusted builders. This eliminates risks for front runs and sandwiches. (If you use the Classic Swap API we recommend using a private RPC like FlashbotsProtect).

  • Private Trade Intent: PropellerSolver does not publish intents to other solvers – to further protect trades from frontruns.

  • Optimal Routing: Optimal routing "protects" trades against backruns, by equalizing markets and leaving no opportunities for backruns (besides CEX-DEX backruns in volatile markets).

  • MEV Research: We maintain possibly the largest database of MEV strategies – and continually research new risks for users – to keep trades as protected as possible.

How PropellerSolver ensures better execution

To get the best execution, optimal routing is not enough – what ultimately matters is the price your order settles for. How PropellerSolver optimizes trade execution:

  • Predictive Settlement: Highly volatile pools can make a route more likely to fail. PropellerSolver calculates execution risk and optimizes for the expected on-chain settlement price.

  • Mempool price optimization: PropellerSolver bundles orders with trades from order flow auctions and the mempool to improve execution price.

  • Instant Submission: PropellerSolver submits trades without delay to avoid losses from market price action.

  • Batching: PropellerSolver batches trades from all execution environments (our API, Intent Networks (like UniswapX), and OFAs) to improve execution price and reduce gas cost.

In Numbers

  • Deepest Liquidity Network: Route trades through the widest range of on-chain (AMMs), off-chain (Market Makers), and Intent (Auction) liquidity.

  • Wide Token Coverage: Supporting over 1.500 tokens on ETH L1.

  • Low Latency: Mean response times of 500ms or less.

  • High Throughput: Supporting up to 50RPS on the /partner endpoints.

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