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Earn Points, Improve Prices for Everyone! 🚀

PropellerSwap is on a mission to improve prices and protect you from MEV beyond what's possible with current solutions. Our advanced solver matches your trades in coincidences of wants (CoWs) to reduce fees and slippage, bundles trades to save gas, negotiates better block inclusion with builders, and even receives exclusive trading fee discounts from DEXs. All of this happens under full privacy, ensuring your trades are not frontrun before they settle on-chain.

Swaps improve prices for everyone

Every swap on PropellerSwap contributes to better prices for everyone. The more you trade, the more opportunities we have to match trades, build bigger bundles, and secure favorable block inclusion. Your activity directly improves prices for the entire community.

⭐️ Earn Points for Your Impact

Our points system rewards you for enhancing PropellerSwap's prices and liquidity:

  • Points for every swap: Earn points on each swap. Larger swaps earn more points.

  • Climb the ranks: Swapping boosts your position on the leaderboard for total points, swaps, and volume.

  • Streak rewards: Swap multiple days in a row to multiply the points you earn on your next swap.

📣 Grow the Community, Earn More

Expanding the PropellerSwap community is crucial for its success. Earn more points by inviting others to join:

  • Share your link: Use your unique referral link to invite friends, family, and followers. (find your link here).

  • Gift your friends points: Anyone who joins with your referral link starts with 250 free points.

  • Earn for their swaps: When your referrals start swapping, you'll earn 10% of every point they earn.

🚀 Monitor Your Progress

Track your contributions and progress on the PropellerSwap leaderboard:

  • View your current points and rankings

  • Access your referral link to invite others

  • Review your swap history and points earned

  • Celebrate milestones and achievements

🌅 Creating a Better Future for Swaps

Together, we can make decentralized trading easier, more reliable, transparent, and cost-effective than centralized alternatives. Points help track your contribution.

Swap for Value, Not Airdrops

PropellerSwap has no plans for a token, so don't make swaps solely to farm an airdrop. Compare prices and choose PropellerSwap when it offers the best price net of fees (which is the case ~75% of the time).

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