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RPC endpoint for MEV protection
PropellerRPC is a drop-in RPC replacement that protects trades from frontruns and refunds any possible backruns. To set it up follow this guide.
PropellerRPC combines two features:
  • Private submission: Trades sent to PropellerRPC are submitted to builders privately.
  • Backrun refunds: PropellerRPC also simulates trades and searches for possible backruns. 100% of profits from backruns are returned to the user.

How it works

This is how it works:
  1. 1.
    Send a transaction to PropellerRPC.
  2. 2.
    Checks for backruns: Finds possible backruns, using the market graph and search algorithms from the PropellerSolver. If a backrun is possible, it is added in a bundle with the original tx - sending all profits back to you.
  3. 3.
    Submits the transaction privately: The RPC forwards the transaction to all major builders.
You can choose between execution preference on the PropellerSolver:
  • Fast execution: If the transaction isn't mined within 5 blocks, it's sent to the public mempool.
  • Secure execution: The RPC monitors and resubmits the transaction to builders until it is mined, and if it fails for 25 blocks is dropped.

Why use the PropellerRPC

  • Builder neutrality: PropellerRPC does not favor or maintain private agreements with any builders. PropellerRPC forwards tx to all builders that don't abuse transactions.
  • Builder monitoring: PropellerRPC monitors builder misbehavior. If builders reorder txs at the cost of users, it blacklists those builders.
  • MEV protection: The RPC submits privately to block builders. Searchers can't frontrun or sandwich transactions, thus, together with PropellerSolver, the RPC provides complete protection against MEV.
  • In-built backrunner: PropellerRPC has a built-in, highly-optimized, backrunner. It refunds 100% of profits, unlike order-flow auctions. (If you use the PropellerSolver to build your swap, then there won't be backrun opportunities.)
  • No added costs: Backruns pay for themselves and all profits are refunded. You pay no additional gas.