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Solving MEV

Users currently pay for all MEV. And democratizing MEV offers users little help with the problem.
Almost all MEV can already be solved at the source: at the dapp and wallet level. Solving MEV at the source eliminates costs for users, protects them fully, and gives them the best price.
With MEV removed, there are also fewer economic incentives for builders and validator centralization.
Here are two solutions PropellerHeads provides. Together, they fully protect users from MEV:
  • Optimize trades: The PropellerSolver gives you the best price on any swap, by finding the optimal route through all liquidity sources. --> This eliminates backrunning MEV.
  • Private submission: The PropellerRPC sends transactions directly to all major block builders. And it makes your transaction invisible to searchers. --> This protects you from all front-running, sandwiching, and even multi-block MEV.