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PropellerHeads is a decentralized infrastructure to give wallets, dapps and users the best price on any trade, through:
  • Smart Routing: Get quotes and optimal swap routes for any swap from the Solver API.
  • Private submission: Submit trades fully protected to builders with the Private RPC.

Best Prices and Full MEV protection

Smart routing and private submission are currently the best solutions to protect swaps against all MEV, while returning the best price to users. Wallets can combine Solver and RPC into a one-stop full MEV protection for their users.
PropellerSolver and RPC combine to the first complete protection against MEV.

Side Products

PropellerHeads also supports protocols by designing and developing bots to maintain protocol health and protect against damage from MEV.
Amongst the use cases are:
  • Liquidation bots: Bots to monitor CDPs and liquidate unhealthy positions.
  • Pegging bots: Bots to stabilize tokens pegged to other assets.
  • Oracle arbitrage protection: Bots that protect against the risks of Oracle arbitrage.


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Our team has a long history of designing routing algorithms and protecting protocols and users from MEV. Learn more about our history and team.
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