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Who's behind PropellerHeads and how we got here
We are a team of 12 remote-first engineers, spread across Europe and South America.
Before web3, we spent five years together diagnosing rare diseases with AI and metabolomics data. We also built other large-scale ML infrastructure in over 30 projects, working with several Fortune 500 companies in Automotive, Ecommerce, Energy, and Pharma.
In 2021, we began experimenting seriously with MEV. We were surprised at the going assumption, "MEV is here to stay." And we felt the uneven tax, levied and paid out from less to more sophisticated users, seemed against the ethos of decentralized blockchains.
The more we delved, the clearer it became that it's possible to protect users from paying any MEV in the first place.
Our mission is to ensure users get the best price and are protected against MEV.

Important challenges

  • Reducing Defi complexity: Defi is a wonderfully open, modular, trustless and transparent ecosystem. It's also complex to navigate. "Where should I swap?", "How do I get the best yield?" are becoming more an more complex questions. We work to hide the complexity and make getting the right answers simple.
  • Solving MEV from the source: MEV is can be wielded as a justification to introduce and harden infrastructure that centralizes execution in the network. We believe, that the best way to avoid this is to remove MEV at its source instead of auctioning off its execution.


Fairness: We are dedicated to creating a more equitable system, leveling the playing field for users, validators, and block builders.
Research: We believe research is the foundation for innovation and progress, and is essential for staying ahead of emerging threats and challenges in the industry.
Open Collaboration: We work with researchers, wallets, exchanges and market makers to build better rails for defi trading.